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Quick Tour- Personal Settings

  1. To access your Personal Settings, click your name in the upper right hand corner of your dashboard. In the drop down menu that appears, click the first tab labeled “My Settings.”

  1. The page that you are redirected to is “My Settings” page. This is where you can update any Personal Information as well as change any of your Preferences.


  1. Scroll down to update your email signature in “My Settings” as well as any User Aliases you will be using. This email signature will auto-populate any outgoing emails from your TrackerRMS system.


  1. Below the Email Signature and Alias sections, you will find the section labeled “My Alerts.” This is where you can choose which record types you want to receive alerts on as well as how you would like to receive these alerts.

  1. If you continue scrolling, you will see the “Plugins” section. This is where you can add any of the integrations you use directly with your TrackerRMS system. To add an integration, toggle the grey square under your desired integration. A pop up window will appear where you can enter your credentials to successfully add the integration.





  1. The final section of “My Settings” is the Job Boards section. Here is where you will integrate any Job Boards you plan to search or post by clicking the green “New” on the upper right side of this section.

  1. Once you have clicked the green “New” Button, a pop up menu will appear. Click the “Drop Down” arrow on the right side of “Job Board” to select the Job Board you wish to add. Then continue by adding the appropriate information requested. NOTE: job boards generally require unique information, which will be listed after you select the job board.


8. After you have edited your settings, scroll to the top of “My Settings” page and on the right hand side above your picture, click the green “Save Settings” button to save all of your edits.


If you need further assistance, please watch this video:

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