Add Edit or Delete Company Rank

How to Add Edit or Delete Company Rank

  1. Please note you may need administrative access to view this setting. Click on your name in the top right corner then click on “Tools and Settings.”

  1. In this menu you will want to locate the “Application Settings” tab and then select “Company Settings.”


  1. Here to view your ranks, scroll down to the section that says, “Company Ranks.” To add a new rank, click on the green plus button that says “+ New.”

  1. Fill out those details in that pop-up window and then click “Ok.”

  1. To edit your ranks, click on the rank itself then click on the yellow edit button.

  1. Once you have edited this rank, click on “Ok.”


  1. To delete this rank, click on the rank you want to delete, click on the red “Delete” button and click “Ok” and that company rank will be deleted. Make sure after you make any changes within this page you scroll to the top and click on “Save Settings.”




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