Adding a New Job Record

Adding a New Job Record

  1. When a client has an open position to fill, you should create a new job record. Click into your Contact Record for whoever the hiring manager is for the job record. From the Contact Record, click the “Magic Wand” button at the top of your dashboard.

2. From the drop down menu that appears at the top of your dashboard, click the trophy icon that is labeled “New Job.”

3. A “New Job” pop up window will appear. You will notice that the Company associated with the Contact you are creating the job from will be automatically filled in. Enter the Job Name and upload a Job Spec or Job Description if you have one. The system will try to fill out the appropriate fields according to the Specification. Click “Ok” to create the Record and continue working within Tracker or click “Ok and Edit” to edit the New Job Record.

  1. In the New Job Record you will see that the Job Name, Company, and Contact have already been filled in based off of the Contact Record you created the job from. Choose the “Job Type” as one of your first steps because different fields will become available based off the certain Job Type. The “Job Description” will be automatically be populated if you uploaded a Job Spec, if not, you may manually type in the Job Description.

  1. Once you are Satisfied will your New Job Record and have filled in all the necessary fields, make sure to save the job by clicking the blue “Save” Button in the upper right corner of the Job Record.


If you need further assistance, please watch this video:


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