Candidate Action Menu

Quick Tour- Candidate Action Menu

  1. Enter into the Candidate you would like to view, the “Action Menu” is located in the upper right hand corner and is a blue button with 3 white lines. Click the blue button to expand the “Action Menu.” In this menu, you will find all of your actionable items against a Candidate.

  1. The first option in the “Action Menu” is the “Delete this Candidate” button. Click this button to remove this Candidate from the system. A pop up window will appear asking if you are sure you want to delete this Candidate permanently.

  1. The next “Send an Email” option will send a new Email or a preformatted templated email out to the Contact. It was also automatically record an Activity when sending an email. “Send a Text” will allow you to send an individual text out to this Contact. The next “Send a Form” button will allow you to send any electronic documents as well as custom TrackerRMS forms to this Contact.

  1. The “Add a Note” button will allow you to add a note to this record. It will also time stamp the time, date, and the notetaker so you will be able to view who/ when the note was taken.

  1. The next option “Match to Jobs” will match the Candidate to Jobs where their skills profiles overlap. By clicking this button, you will be sending that Candidate the jobs that match their skill set. The “Assign to Job” button will allow you to choose any job on the system and assign that Candidate off to either the Long List or the Short List of the job. The “Create Lead” button will allow you to create an associated Lead Record with the Candidate as the main lead contact.

  1. The next two options, “Open Availability Planner” and “Open Timesheet” are more focused toward contract workers. This is where you will find your Availability Planner and Timesheets.

  1. The “New Payment” option will allow you to add a new payment as far as invoicing for this Candidate.

  1. The next two options “Link to a New Contact” and “Link to Existing Contact” allows you to link this Candidate to a Contact. Contact and Candidate records are different in TrackerRMS so if you would like to associate a Contact and a Candidate you can do so by choosing one of these options.

  1. The “Add to a Hot List” button will allow you to add this Candidate directly into one of your lists. You may have “Hot Lists” labeled something different according to what your company likes to call them.


  1. The last option, “Log an Activity” will provide a drop down menu will all Activities that can be logged with this Candidate. Logging an Activity will log any interaction you just had with the Candidate and will provide you with the ability to leave any notes you had about the interaction as well as the date and time of when the Activity occurred. You can also set Reminders and Alerts to follow up with this Candidate in the Activities section.


If you need further assistance, please watch this video:


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