Custom Form Enhancements

Custom Form Improvements

New – July 9, 2019

Our in-built custom forms have become increasingly popular since we introduced it so we are pleased to announce some additional improvements to make these even more effective.

In addition to the current field types available:

  • Tick Box
  • Signature Field
  • Text Field
  • Date Field

We have added some additional fields:

  • Multi-line Text Field
  • Option Groups 

Multi-line Text Fields are perfect for capturing paragraphs of information where a single line is not sufficient, and the Option Groups allow people completing the form to select one of multiple options.  To make this more useful, we have provided up to 4 different option groups to use when creating new custom forms.

The new interface when completing custom forms is also much cleaner, allowing all non-signature fields to be completed "inline" without the previous pop-out form so the completion of the form flows effortlessly from top to bottom.

Before completion:

After completion:

Completed forms are still instantly sent to both the sender and completer in PDF format and stored within Tracker as a PDF document in the record from which the custom form was sent.

We hope you enjoy the new features for custom forms!

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