Arrange an Interview with a Candidate from List View

How to Arrange an Interview with a Candidate from List View

1. Enter into the Job you would like to work in and click on the “Shortlist” tab from the left hand menu. In the List View, find the appropriate Candidate and click the “Down Arrow” next to the blue “Placement” button. From the pop up menu, click “Action Candidate” then click “Arrange an Interview”  

2. In the pop up window that appears, you will see the Interviewer’s name has auto populated based off the main Contact for that Job. You can click the drop down arrow to choose a different Contact from that Company to be the Interviewer.

You can also choose the Date and Time of the Interview. If you would like to send a confirmation, check the grey check box under “Send Confirmation” and select which Confirmation below you would like to send. If you would like a Calendar invite to be sent with your Confirmation, keep “Include ICS” checked.


If you need further assistance, please watch this video:

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