Clone a Campaign

How to Clone a Campaign  

How to Clone a Campaign


  1. Go to all campaigns or the “My Campaigns” section to get your listing, once you see your list click on the name of the campaign you would like to clone. A preview of the campaign will pop up on the right-hand side of the screen with an option to “Edit” and “Clone.”



  1. Once you’ve clicked on it, you will see a preview on the right-hand side as well as a clone button. Go ahead and click on the clone button.


  1. You will then get a pop up that is asking you if you’re sure you want to clone the campaign then go ahead and click on yes.


  1. From here you’ll be brought to another page where you are able to edit the body of the campaign. After you have edited the body of the campaign click on the “Recipients” This button will allow you to change the recipients or keep the same ones for this campaign depending on who you want to send this out to.


  1. In the send to area you can remove recipients by hovering your cursor over their name and a red x will appear. Go ahead and click that x if you choose to remove that recipient from the send to list.



  1. To add new recipients, click and drag and drop into the send to area. You can then decide who you don’t want to send it to or people who are not engaged.


  1. Once you have the recipients selected you can click on schedule button at the top and it will bring you to the schedule section.


  1. Here you can choose to send from your campaigners or from our campaign server. You’ll then decide if you’re going to send it now or schedule it for later.

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