Create a Campaign

Create a Campaign

Last Updated: April 9, 2020

1. Select 'My Campaigns' or 'All Campaigns'

  • Click on the + New Campaign button

  • Name the campaign and decide if you want it to be an email or telesales campaign
  • Click Ok and Edit when you are finished

2. Edit the Campaign

  • You can type up the email, use one of our templates, or build one of your own templates

  • You can use tags to automatically pull information from records into your email

  • Type up the body of your email

3. Select the Recipients

  • Click on Recipients

  • In this area you will see all of your tear sheets, hot lists or send lists (whatever your naming convention is) that you can use for this campaign
  • Select the send list and drag it over to the Send To section

  • If you realized you wanted to select a different send list you can just hover over the one you added, and select the red x

  • You can add as many send lists as you'd like!

4. Schedule the Campaign

  • Click on Schedule

  • Select the From Option
  • We recommend using the TrackerRMS Campaigner tool as the Send From Option, as it will track all email activity (Emails opened, emails bounced etc.)
  • If you choose to use your own mail server settings, the email activity will not be trackable

  • You can schedule the campaign to go out later, or send it now

  • Once you have selected a date, your campaign is complete and you can hit 'Schedule Campaign'

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