Create a Custom Field List

How to Create a Custom Field List


How to Create a Custom Field List

  1. Please note to be able to create a custom field you will need to be on the management or admin team to access this. Click on your name in the top right-hand corner and click on “Tools and Settings.”

  1. You will then want to select the custom fields box and click on “Get Started.”

  1. Once you are on the custom field page you will want to find the section that say’s “Custom Field List” and then want to click on the green plus button that says “+ Custom Field List.”

  1. Once you have clicked on this button, a pop up will appear and it will have to fill out those custom field list details. Fill out the list name and the list values for this custom field list and then click on “Ok.”


  1. Now that this custom field list has been created you are able to add it to any custom field that is a list. So, if you go into the custom field list and if you see that the type is a list you can click on that custom field and choose from the drop down menu of “Field List” and select the new custom field list you created and click on “Ok.”




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