Create a Default Project Task

How to Create a Default Project Task


How to Create a Default Project Task

  1. You will need administrative privileges to get to these settings. Click on your name in the top right corner and click on “Tools and Settings.”

  1. Then on the left-hand side click on “Project Settings.”


  1. Scroll down and go to “Default Project Tasks” to add a new default task click on green “Default Task.”

  1. A new pop up window will appear. You are going to name that task, you can fill in a note if you would like and if you are going to be using our invoice feature fill here you can decide if this task is billable, choose down from the drop-down menu and click on yes or no. To add in different tasks rates, you can decide the rate to use by using the drop-down menu and change the charge period, and if there is going to be flat pay rate and charge rate across the board, you can enter the boxes highlighted. Then go ahead and press “Ok.”

  1. You will now see you default project task listed in the menu here. If you would like to change the order you can go over to the left and move those tasks with the hand icon that will appear.

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