Internal Submittals from Card View

How to do an Internal Submittal from Card View

  1. Enter into the Job you would like to work in and click the “Shortlist” menu tab on the left side of your dashboard. Hover over the Candidate you would like to select and click the down arrow on their card. From the drop down menu that appears, click “Action Candidate” then click “Send Candidate Resume.”

  1. In the “Send Candidate Resume” pop up window that appears. The “Send To” section will be automatically filled in. Since you would like to send it internally, click the “Drop Down Arrow” to the right of the Contact’s name and choose the colleague you would like to send it to. The Agency Resume will be auto pulled in. If you would like to choose a different resume, click the “Drop Down Arrow” to the right of the Resume section. Then click the blue “Preview” button.


  1. After you click “Preview”, this will bring you to your email Preview Window. You will see your colleagues name will be filled in as well as the subject. In the upper right hand Corner, click the drop down menu and choose either “Internal Submittal” or “Resumes to Account Manager” depending on what you call it internally. Once you are satisfied with the details in the Preview window, click the blue “Send” button.


If you need further assistance, please watch this video:

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