Manually add a Timesheet Task to a Project


How to Manually Add a Task to a Project

Last Updated: April 7, 2020

1. Click Into a Project

  • Click into the Tasks & Activities tab to get to the Planning Tasks section within the project
  • Keep in mind your Tasks & Activities tab may be labeled something else or placed elsewhere in your database, since Tracker is completely customizable

2. Add a Task to a Project

  • Click on the Green +Task button to get started

  • Fill out the task name, and Expected Start/End Date (try to match this to when the candidate will begin and end the project)

  • Next, fill in the Budget & Rates section
  • Choose whether the task is billable, the rates to use, and the charge period

  • Next, you can add timesheet rollover from regular hours into overtime if you wish to do so
  • Once you have completed each section, click Ok to see your new task
  • You can now apply this task to a candidate's timesheet

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