Post Jobs to Multiple Job Boards

How to Post Jobs to Multiple Job Boards

  1. Enter into the Job you would like to work with, on the left side menu click the “Website Posting” tab. Scroll down to “Job Board Posting”. You must already have contracts with outside Job Boards to have this functionality available. On the far right of the “Job Board Posting “section, click “Job Posting Menu” and click “Post Job”.

2. Your screen will refresh and you will see all your paid Job Boards that you have Contracts with, any Social Media sites you would like to post to, as well as any Free Destinations you can post the Job out to.

  1. Click on each Job Board to select it, you will see the box around it will turn grey, then scroll to the top of the “Job Board Posting” section and click the blue “Next” button in the upper right corner.

  1. Fill out the appropriate details for the Job Post. The “Job Reference” should always be the Job number located at the top of your Job Record. Enter in the Job Title Associated with the Job number. Choose the location and enter in any necessary Salary Information. If you do not want the Candidate to be able to view the Salary Information, check the “Yes” box next to “Hide Salary?”

5. The next step is to fill out the Job Description. You can either enter it manually or if you have already filled in the Job Description on the Job Record, go to the tool bar on the Job Description and click the far right button labeled “Source Code”. A Source Code window will appear, highlight and copy this Code. Go back into the Job Description for the Post and click the “HTML” button in the toolbar. A pop up window will appear where you can paste the Source Code.

  1. Scroll to the next section, “Common Information” and enter your Company Name. Skills and Keywords will be automatically filled in. You may fill out any other Common Information you think is appropriate for the Job.

7. The “Job Board Specific Information” is mandatory information that each specific Job Board requires. Fill out all this information. Once you have filled out all this information, you can click the blue “Next” button in the bottom right corner to post the Job immediately. You can also check the middle box labeled “Post in Future” and choose the Date and Time to Post the Job out. Click the blue “Finish” button Once you are ready to Post.

8. Your page will refresh and you will see that this Job is marked for delivery to each Job Board. Click “View Advert” to View the Job Posting that you created.


If you need further assistance, please watch this video:

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