Schedule a Follow Up Activity

How to Schedule a Follow Up Activity

  1. Click into the Activity you would like to schedule a follow Up for. First, click the “Drop Down Arrow” under status and choose “Completed”.

  1. At the bottom of the Activity, click the grey box to “Check it”. This will remind you to follow up on this Activity. Here you can choose who you would like to remind to Follow up on the Activity, how you would like to Follow up the Activity, and when you would like to Follow up. Once you are satisfied with the Follow Up Activity, click the blue “Ok” button at the bottom of the Activity.

  1. Click into the Contact’s Record and on the left side menu, click the tab “History and Activities” to view the follow up Activity. You will see the Completed Activity as well as the Follow up Activity you just created.

  1. You will be able to see your Follow Up Activity on your Home screen “To Do List” with the date and time of when the Follow up should occur.


If you need further assistance, please watch this video:


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