Send Resumes in Bulk using the List View


How to Send Resumes in Bulk Using the List View

  1. Enter into the Shortlist of the Job you would like to work within. Click on the “Check Mark” to the left of each Candidate you would like to select. To send the Resumes in Bulk, click the lightening bolt “Action” button at the top left of your List View. Select the option “Send Candidate Resumes”.

  1. From the pop up window that appears, Select the Contact you would like to send to if it is different than the Contact associated with the Job. The Candidate Agency resume will be automatically selected. If you would like to select a different resume, click the “Drop Down Arrow” to the right of the “Resume to Send” section. Once you are satisfied, click the blue “Preview” button at the bottom of the pop up window.

  1. In the Window that appears, you will be able to make any changes or edits to the Candidate’s resumes. Once you are satisfied with the Resume’s, click the blue “Send Button” at the bottom of the Preview screen.


If you need further assistance, please watch this video:

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