We're pleased to introduce a unique and fully customizable feature called "Indicators".

Indicators can be applied to any record within Tracker and allows clients to define their own set of icons, colors and description to indicate aspects of the record, for example:

  • Candidate Compliance (presence or a resume, references, skills profile, signed contract etc)
  • Client Status (terms issued, address present, key fields populated etc)
  • Job Compliance (specification received, location set, long list search terms defined etc)

These can be any of over 100 different icons, in any color and with any "hover-over" description to provide instant visible compliance and status information for any record in the system.

These indicators are available as columns in lists allowing you to select/deselect them and display them wherever you wish.  It is also available on the executive summary at the top of the record itself so it doesn't matter if you are reviewing lists, 

Due to the custom nature of Indicators, we need to build these within the support function as we need to fully understand the rules behind each of the indicators required so requests for this should be directed through your client success team.

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