Job Action Menu

Job Action Menu

  1. The blue, 3 line “Action Menu” is located in the upper right corner of the Job record you are in. Click the blue button to expand the “Action Menu” and see actionable options within your job record.

  1. The first option “Delete this Job” will permanently delete the job from your database. A pop up window asking you if “You are sure you would to delete the Job” will appear before permanently deleting the job.

  1. The next three options, “Send an Email, Send a Text, and Send a Form” allow you to quickly and directly connect with the contact on this job. These options will also associate the activity with the contact, company and the job.

  1. The “New Invoice” and “New Product” buttons allow you to bill the contact accordingly.

  1. The “Add a Note” button will allow you to add a note to this record. The note taking tool records the note taker and the time the note was taken.

  1. The “Clone the Job” button will allow you to quickly clone this job. This includes the job name, contact information, details and client information. The next button “Renew this Job” will allow you to renew the job if the contract is extended. The “Convert to Project” button will allow you to convert this job into a project where you can manage onboarding and other deliverables according to the placement.


  1. Click the last button “Log an Activity,” to expand a drop down menu where you can choose any activity you would like to log within this job. These activities will also be related to the contact and the client as well.


If you need further assistance, please watch this video:

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