Maps for Short and Long Lists

Evolution Maps for Short and Long Lists

New – July 2, 2019

To make it easier to understand where all your Candidates are in relation to each other and the Client, we are pleased to release our new Evolution Maps feature!

We will be adding further improvements to this over the coming weeks but as of today you now have a new "Map" button on both the Shortlist and the Long List which will plot each of your Candidates neatly on a map, showing you where they are within your radius search and distance from the Client's office.

For the Long List you can use all the filters and sorts available in the main Long List, for example sort by Distance, and then click the "Map" button to see how these Candidates appear geographically! 

Hovering over each Candidate on the map will tell you who they are and highlight them in the list to the left automatically.  Clicking on the Candidate will open the Candidate's record on-page for you to review for shortlisting.

Likewise, clicking a Candidate in the list to the left will make the Candidate on the map "jump" up and down allowing you to clearly see where they are.

Each item on the left list still has a quick option to Shortlist as well as all the other contact and long listing options.

The same feature is available on the Shortlist providing the same functionality as the Card View.

Evolution Maps is provided by Google Maps allowing you to zoom in or out, enter full screen mode, street view, directions, satellite and terrain views and much more.

We will soon be rolling this out to Client, Contact and Candidate lists allowing you to filter and company or person in the system and view their relative locations on a map.  Very useful for planning your client visits or prospecting Candidates to clients close to them.

Enjoy and watch this space! 

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