Understanding a Candidate Record

Understanding a Candidate Record

  1. Click into the Candidate record you would like to view. At the top you will see basic and important information about the Candidate, this is called the Executive Summary. In the right corner of the Executive Summary, you will see a blue 3 lined button, this is your “Action Menu” where you will see all Actionable items for the Candidate.

  1. In the “Candidate Details” section, you will find basic information such as Name, Job Title, and their Current Employer. If you would like to jump into the Company Record, click the “Green Arrow” to the right of the “Current Employer”. Scroll down to view their Work and Job Information.

  1. Click the “Contact Information” tab on the left hand menu to view all the Contact Information about this Candidate. Here you can include Contact Information for Social Media Platforms as well.

  1. The “Resume History” tab will show a Job History Table as well as Resume History. The Job History table will show all placements the Candidate has been considered for including their status they have achieved. The Resume History tabled will be automatically populated if you parsed the resume in to create this Candidate. You can add in Resume History manually by using the green “Plus Sign” button in the right corner of the Resume History section.

  1. The “Salary and Internal Notes” section will show any sort of Salary and Pay Information as well as any additional Notes including Internal Interview Notes.

  1. Activities and Notes” will show you all Activities that occurred within the hiring process including interviews, phone connections, appointments, tasks, emails and more. Scroll down to view the “Documents” section. Here, you can drag and drop Documents that are related to the Candidate.

  1. The “Back Office” tab will show you Candidate Portal information, references, and other Back Office information. If you choose to make any changes to this record, click the blue “Save” button in the upper right corner of the Candidate record.


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