Understanding a Contact Record

Understanding a Contact Record

  1. Enter into the Contact you would like to view. Across the top of the Contact, you will find his Executive Summary which is basic but important information about the Contact. This is also where you will find the blue, 3 line “Action Menu.” The “Action Menu” is where you will find all actionable activities with the Contact.

  1. In the “Contact Details” section, you will find basic information such as Name, Job Title, and the Company they are associated with. If you would like to jump into the Company Record, click the “Green Arrow” to the right of the ‘Company Name”. Scroll down to view the Contact’s address and contact information.

  1. On the left menu, click “History & Activities” to view the Activities table. This contains all hiring process activity. Scroll down to view the Jobs table. This table will show you all Jobs that have been opened with this Contact. Below this table, is the Leads table. This will show you all Leads that are open with this Contact as our lead Contact.

  1. Click the “Documents” tab on the left side menu. This section will house all Documents for this Contact. Here you will be able to upload Documents via drag and drop or by clicking to upload a Document. Once you are satisfied with this Contact Record, click the blue “” button in the upper right corner of the Record.


If you need further assistance, please watch this video:

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