Understanding a Job Record

Understanding a Job Record

1. Across the top of the Job Record, in the Executive Summary, you will find important information about the job. You will also find the “Action Menu”, the blue 3 lined button, in the Executive Summary where you will find all actionable items within the Job Record.

2. All the information related to this job will be located in the menu on the left side of the screen. Under “Profile” will Show you all the Job Details including how far along we are in making this placement. The “Job Profile” will include other information such at the Job Description and any notes you have about Job Record. Scroll Down to Find the Job Dates and Job Value.

3. On the left hand menu, click the “Documents” section where you will be able to house and upload any Documents related to this job. The section labeled “Website Posting” is where you manage the job posting on your website. Click to blue “Publish on my Portal?” button to publish the job directly to your website.

4. Scroll to the bottom of the “Website Posting” section to view all Job Board Postings. Keep in mind, to utilize this section you will need TrackerRMS job board integration set up.

5. Click on the “Longlist (Search)” button on the left side menu to run a candidate search and result with the top of your candidate funnel. From here you can manage different candidates, call them to see if they are qualified and acceptable to move to your Shortlist.

6. The “Shortlist” tab will house all acceptable Candidates who are interested in applying and who you have qualified in order to consider sending them to the client. You will move all Candidates through the hiring process through this tab. This includes submittals, interviews, rejections and placements.

7. The “Activities and Notes” tab will show you all Activities related to the hiring process. Activities such as submissions, interviews, phone connections etc. will all be listed here. The Notes section will house all Notes that will be time stamped and dated so you know who/ when they were created. If you are satisfied with your job record, click the blue “Save” button in the upper right hand corner of your Job Record.

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