Understanding the Action Menu in a Company Record

Understanding the Action Menu in a Company Record

  1. Enter into the Company Record you would like to view and click the blue 3 lined “Action Menu” in the upper right hand corner. A drop down menu will appear with all the actionable items within that Company Record. The first option “Delete this Company” will delete the Company from your database.

  1. The next option “Send a Form,” will allow you to create custom forms to send out to Companies, Contacts or Candidates. Click the button and choose what form you would like to send, then click the blue “Prepare” button.

  1. Click “New Project” to create a Project within this Company. Click “New Invoice” to create a new Invoice from within the Company. You can also click “New Payment” to accept a new payment from within the Company.

  1. Click “Add a Note” to add any comments or notes and Log them with the Company. You can click “Add an Address” to add another Address within the Company.

  1. The next option down “Make a Parent Company” to make the company a parent company that will hold other sub companies. The Parent Company Record will allow you to view all the contacts that are associated with all of the sub companies, as well as any History or Activities that are associated with the sub companies.

6. The last option “Log an Activity” will pop down a menu with all Actionable items within this Company. All of these Actions will be date and timed stamped so you will know when/ who logged the Activity.


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