Video Interviews

Video Interviews

Probably one of the most exciting and productive features planned for Evolution this year is our new video interviewing offering.

Video Interviews allows you to create template interview questions which can then be tailored and sent out to multiple candidates where they can pre-record their answers and allow you to review these at your convenience.

What's more is that these can be sent to colleagues and even clients to review, rate, make comments and feedback directly allowing you to see how your team rates each candidate, on each question making the process of interviewing quick, effective and collaborative.  We estimate a +60% gain in interview efficiency using this methodology!

This process works by simply creating an interview as normal and selecting the option to make this a video interview.  The candidate is sent a unique link where they can use their browser or smartphone to record answers to the questions you provide.  These recordings are stored and can be reviewed at anytime by you and your team in assessing the suitability of a candidate on a question by question basis.  And, you can stop the interview at any time!

Video Interviews is fully embedded within the Evolution platform so no 3rd party fees or integrations to worry about.  We deliver this via your dedicated candidate portal site in the same way we deliver timesheets and custom forms etc. so the experience for both user and candidate is consistent, clean and familiar.

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