Whats New in TrackerRMS

What’s New with TrackerRMS?

Excited about new features? We are too and here is the place to get the latest updates from TrackerRMS!

7 key new features arrived this month (Nov 2019) including 

- Video Interviews
- Sequences
- oAuth for Outgoing Emails
- 30 new campaign templates in the Builder
- All new look Importer
- Combined Invoice and Timesheet/Expense Approvals
- New Gmail Sidebar for Chrome
- Image editor for picture files in the documents list

Details of these exciting new features are summarized below and further details can be found in the main help file

Video Interviews

New – Nov 9, 2019

Probably one of the most exciting and productive features planned for Evolution this year is our new video interviewing offering.

Video Interviews allows you to create template interview questions which can then be tailored and sent out to multiple candidates where they can pre-record their answers and allow you to review these at your convenience.

What's more is that these can be sent to colleagues and even clients to review, rate, make comments and feedback directly allowing you to see how your team rates each candidate, on each question making the process of interviewing quick, effective and collaborative.  We estimate a +60% gain in interview efficiency using this methodology!

This process works by simply creating an interview as normal and selecting the option to make this a video interview.  The candidate is sent a unique link where they can use their browser or smartphone to record answers to the questions you provide.  These recordings are stored and can be reviewed at anytime by you and your team in assessing the suitability of a candidate on a question by question basis.  And, you can stop the interview at any time!

Video Interviews is fully embedded within the Evolution platform so no 3rd party fees or integrations to worry about.  We deliver this via your dedicated candidate portal site in the same way we deliver timesheets and custom forms etc. so the experience for both user and candidate is consistent, clean and familiar.


New – Nov 9, 2019

The sequencing function is based on allowing a sequence of emails or text messages to be authored, and a schedule or sequence created that will automatically send these out based on the timings of the sequence. 

We will be using the existing template function for email and text authoring with the addition of campaign style tracking, so we can monitor the responses and reactions to your communications.

This could be used for on-boarding sequences such as:

  1. 7 days before they start, send them an information email about where they need to be and when
  2. 1 day before send them an email with "Are you ready for your first day?" and the name of the person they are meeting
  3. On the morning of their first day, send them a "Good luck on your first day!" text message
  4. After 3 days, ask they "How things are going?" by text message

Or you can use this for business development, sending emails to promote goods and services you are keen for your select clients to see:

  1. Send an initial promotional email
  2. If no reply after 7 days send a polite reminder email
  3. If no replay after 7 further days send a "thank you anyway" email and close the sequence

Once they "react" to your email or text (reply or click a link etc) we will stop the sequence automatically and our in-built workflow will create a Task, create a Lead, add them to a list etc in order to progress within TrackerRMS.

We also have in-built sentiment analysis so we will assess whether replies are positive or negative in nature and act accordingly, for example:

"Please remove me from your list", or "I do not want to know about your product"

would result in a negative reaction, despite being a reply, whereas:

"Please tell me more", or "Call me to discuss"

would result in a positive reaction we would want to pursue.

The workflow rules for reactions and what we do in each eventuality is fully in your control!

Gmail Addin for TrackerRMS

New – Nov 9, 2019

Following a recent change to the Gmail interface, the Gmail Addin has been re-written to adopt their new sidebar function.

The new Gmail Addin has now been launched and can be downloaded from the G-Marketplace.  Just click the + on the right sidebar and search for "trackerrms" to install this in Gmail.

Please remember to leave a positive review so that we can gauge usage and focus on improvements!

The Addin has an all new look and feel and is more inline with the Outlook Addin.

It sits seamlessly in the sidebar of the Gmail window and as you select items in the Inbox, presents you with a summary of the information in TrackerRMS for the sender (if they exist), or options to create records from the Sender's details if they do not current exist.

Functions available in the new Addin include:

  • View Client and Contact information for matching records
  • Ability to "Open in TrackerRMS" any matching record, taking you directly to the record in a new browser tab
  • Ability to Create a Contact if not already existing
  • Create a Lead from an email
  • Create a Job from either an email, or a specification attachment
  • Create and Update a Candidate from an attached CV/Resume
  • Track the Email to any specified record in TrackerRMS
  • Track only attachments to any specified record in TrackerRMS
  • Send the email to Tracker to automatically attach to relevant records
  • Reply and Track - allowing you to reply to an email and track it in TrackerRMS


oAuth for Outgoing Email

New – Nov 9, 2019

We have now implemented a new more robust and secure method for connecting to your Gmail and Office365 mail servers that use oAuth instead of directly connecting to the SMTP mail server.  This provides a more consistent means of sending emails and reduces many of the send restrictions such as how many emails can be sent, that the SMTP method imposes.

The method for authenticating in the same as before by going to:

My Settings > Plug Ins (and selecting either Gmail or Office365)

Instead of seeing the username, password and mail server details, you will now see a field to confirm your email address and either a [Logon with Google] or [Logon with Office365].

Clicking this will open either the Google or Office365 logon page which is hosted securely by Google and Microsoft and therefore far more secure as we never see or retain your mail password.  This will instead pass us back a secure token that we can use to send emails on your behalf.  Tracker will therefore only store this token and never your password.

If you wish to continue using mail server settings, please use the "Send emails using a custom email account" option.

30 New Campaign Templates- Free!

New – Nov 9, 2019

In order to offer greater creativity in the campaigner, we are delighted to announce 30 brand new free to use campaign templates.  These are full responsive templates that can be selected and edited within the campaign "Builder".

Now, next to the [Builder] button within the Campaign editor you will see a drop down menu where you can select and of the predefined templates.

Combined Invoices and Approval

New – Nov 9, 2019

You can now combine your invoices, timesheet approvals and receipts into a single document!

For those clients who use; or wish to consider using; timesheets and expenses within TrackerRMS, we now offer the option to combine all related documents into a single Pdf when emailing out invoices.

This has been requested by many of our temp clients in order to improve the ability to have invoices paid as all supporting information including:

  • The invoice as the front sheet
  • All Timesheet Approval Reports showing who approve what and when
  • All Expense Approval Reports 
  • All uploaded images relating to the above expenses

By default, your settings will be as they are today so emailed invoices will be supported by separate attachments.  To change this to a single combined document, please go to:

Tools > Time & Expense Settings > Template Settings

And select the appropriate option under the "Combine Approvals and Emailed Invoices" setting. 

If you would like any assistance with this, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Image editor for picture files in the documents list

New – Nov 9, 2019

You can now edit picture files in the documents list allowing you to crop and rotate them. So if your picture is off centre or too small to see clearly...

You can now edit the picture by simply hovering over the document in the Documents list where you will see the document menu.

Select "Edit Photo" from this menu to pop up the picture editor.

Use the tools at the bottom to rotate and crop the picture to the desired size.

Then just click [Save] to replace the image with the new cropped version!

LinkedIn Chrome Extension for TrackerRMS

New – July 10, 2019

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new LinkedIn Chrome Extension!

This new Google Chrome sidebar tool to capture individual candidates and contacts and import them directly into your TrackerRMS system.  You can connect LinkedIn directly to TrackerRMS allowing you to work exclusively within LinkedIn and view people in our feature rich sidebar.

People can be imported directly into TrackerRMS as either Contacts or Candidates and assigned directly to your Job Shortlist or Long List. All without leaving LinkedIn and you don't even need to be logged into TrackerRMS at the time!

Features include:

  • Ability to view comprehensive “resume” level data for anyone on the current page
  • Collapsible sections to make the record readable and review-able
  • Adoption the ever-popular “dark” theme as per our Outlook Addin
  • Ability to Import as a Contact or Candidate
  • Created Candidates have full job history loaded alongside any of the fields on the page which can be reviewed and updated as required before importing
  • Created Contacts will be linked to existing Clients if found or a new one automatically created
  • Both Contacts’ and Candidates’ pictures are now also imported providing a near identical record in Tracker

New features in v1.3.3:

  • New - ability to assigned to a Job and choose either Short or Long List
  • New - check-back function to see if the person already exists in Tracker
  • New - “Open in Tracker” button to open found records directly

Works with the following LinkedIn subscriptions:

  • LinkedIn Basic (Free)
  • LinkedIn Premium
  • LinkedIn Recruiter

To download your free LinkedIn Extension, please go to:



Custom Form Improvements

New – July 9, 2019

Our in-built custom forms have become increasingly popular since we introduced it so we are pleased to announce some additional improvements to make these even more effective.

In addition to the current field types available:

  • Tick Box
  • Signature Field
  • Text Field
  • Date Field

We have added some additional fields:

  • Multi-line Text Field
  • Option Groups 

Multi-line Text Fields are perfect for capturing paragraphs of information where a single line is not sufficient, and the Option Groups allow people completing the form to select one of multiple options.  To make this more useful, we have provided up to 4 different option groups to use when creating new custom forms.

The new interface when completing custom forms is also much cleaner, allowing all non-signature fields to be completed "inline" without the previous pop-out form so the completion of the form flows effortlessly from top to bottom.

Before completion:

After completion:

Completed forms are still instantly sent to both the sender and completer in PDF format and stored within Tracker as a PDF document in the record from which the custom form was sent.

We hope you enjoy the new features for custom forms!

Seamless VMS to ATS Partnership

New – July 8, 2019

We are happy to announce our new partnership with JobRobotix! This will enable staffing firms to drive bottom lime ROI and close more staffing opportunities. 

How will this partnership help you? 

Eliminate Data Errors - Automation ensures job orders are created correctly every time in TrackerRMS. 

Automate Data Mapping - Data mapping and data normalization technology gives you the flexibility to standardize VMS data values across all your suppliers. 

Fill Jobs Faster - You no longer have to switch screens and copy/paste to manually enter on websites or job boards, JobRobotix works 24/7 so your opportunities are published to potential candidates the moment the job record is processed. 

Immediate ROI - Reduced labor costs data automation improves your bottom line. 

Vendor Integration - With the largest number of "out of the box" vendor integrations, you can quickly forward new job and cancellation orders from VMS platforms. 

Resume Library Integration

New – July 3, 2019

TrackerRMS can now search over 12 million resumes with our Resume-Library Integration! 

You can continue to source top talent with TrackerRMS, but you now have gain on-demand access to the huge pool of fresh resumes within Resume-Library’s database - a database that grows by 300,000 new candidates every month.

Here are some of the great benefits:

  • Access over 12 million resumes from Resume-Library, straight from your TrackerRMS account
  • View redacted resumes without a Resume-Library account
  • Save time in your hiring process by posting jobs and searching resumes in one place

We hope you love this new integration!

Evolution Maps for Short and Long Lists

New – July 2, 2019

To make it easier to understand where all your Candidates are in relation to each other and the Client, we are pleased to release our new Evolution Maps feature!

We will be adding further improvements to this over the coming weeks but as of today you now have a new "Map" button on both the Shortlist and the Long List which will plot each of your Candidates neatly on a map, showing you where they are within your radius search and distance from the Client's office.

For the Long List you can use all the filters and sorts available in the main Long List, for example sort by Distance, and then click the "Map" button to see how these Candidates appear geographically! 

Hovering over each Candidate on the map will tell you who they are and highlight them in the list to the left automatically.  Clicking on the Candidate will open the Candidate's record on-page for you to review for shortlisting.

Likewise, clicking a Candidate in the list to the left will make the Candidate on the map "jump" up and down allowing you to clearly see where they are.

Each item on the left list still has a quick option to Shortlist as well as all the other contact and long listing options.

The same feature is available on the Shortlist providing the same functionality as the Card View.

Evolution Maps is provided by Google Maps allowing you to zoom in or out, enter full screen mode, street view, directions, satellite and terrain views and much more.

We will soon be rolling this out to Client, Contact and Candidate lists allowing you to filter and company or person in the system and view their relative locations on a map.  Very useful for planning your client visits or prospecting Candidates to clients close to them.

Enjoy and watch this space! 


Introducing Jobs +

New – June 27, 2019

TrackerRMS is excited to announce a new add on feature to our clients.

Jobs + is an automated career portal for TrackerRMS clients to drive traffic, convert applications, and improve the overall SEO performance of their website.

Where’s the value and how does it work?

The main purpose of Jobs+ is to drive more free traffic from third party sources, such as search engines, social media, job aggregators, and most importantly, Google for Jobs.

Job content is automatically pushed from the TrackerRMS system to the career portal, where prospective candidates can search, view, and apply to jobs. The career portal is blended with the look and feel of your existing site, ensuring candidates can navigate through it’s functionality seamlessly.

The solution is optimized for mobile use to ensure candidates can apply easily, from all devices, and increase the volume of applications. The job content is pushed out to external sources to increase the flow of applicant traffic.

Each job is constructed with the Google for Jobs schema, as well as the correct URL structure and keywords to ensure your job is indexed in Google and Google For Jobs.

Google search results and the Google for Jobs platform are typically the main drivers of free traffic, but Jobs + will also be indexed in Bing and other search engines.

Jobs are also pushed out to a continuously evolving list of free aggregators that currently includes Nuevo, Juju. Cuberfeed, Adzuna, and others.

In addition to candidates arriving directly to the job from detailed Google searches, the continuously changing keyword rich Jobs that are indexing in Google will improve your overall SEO performance.

The secondary function of Jobs + is to act as a re-engagement platform to keep candidates informed of new positions. The 'Job Alerts' functionality entices candidates to sign up through various ‘calls to action’ so they can be notified of jobs they may be interested in. When new positions that meet their job history criteria are posted to your site, these alerts are pushed out to them directly via email.

Jobs + requires very little from customers to go live.

How do I sign up?

Ready to proceed? Click on the link below.

Once you sign up to Jobs + your career portal will be live in less than 5 business days. Contracts are billed on a month to month basis and payment is taken via Stripe payments processing. 

What are the benefits of using Jobs+? We create the careers page for you, with no work on your part!


Updated Mandatory Fields 

NewJune 6, 2019

You asked, and we listened! Our new enhancement in Evolution is designed specifically in response to our client requests.

In response to a need to identify mandatory fields when either creating or updating a record we will now:

  • Continue to request mandatory fields when creating new records
  • Clearly highlight mandatory fields that have not been completed in existing records with a red border and hover-over prompt
  • We will not prevent saving and closing as before so nothing changes for the user
  • As soon as a value is entered into a blank mandatory field, the red border will disappearWe hope this update makes your daily tasks easier, and as always, we love to hear client feedback!


Candidate Planner

NewMay 28, 2019

What’s New in TrackerRMS? The New Candidate Planner! The Evolution Planner now allows an extremely effective review and planning of contract staff (and makes your life easier!) We aimed at providing a leading planner for resource management.

Let’s hear about the new functionality in TrackerRMS! Our goal as a company is always to make your recruitment process run as smoothly as possible. Our development team has been working hard to integrate this new functionality into Tracker’s software, and we hope you love it is much as we do! What’s better than a feature that was designed to help you? 😊

Here’s what’s new: The new planner view shows all planned utilization alongside booked timesheet time. You now also have direct access to both the timesheet and the placement record from this page and can see the assignment, client, placement status, and the name of each activity.

There are new buttons that allow for users to navigate quickly from month to month or refresh! The + button allows users to instantly add a new “internal” activity which gets added straight to both utilization and the Candidate’s timesheet:

Hovering over any timesheet entry shows the time book to that activity and day:

Hovering over any planned day shows the planned utilization, and changes the icon allowing users to instantly delete it rather than going into the placement record to amend:

Hovering over any non-planned day allows you to add in utilization immediately on a day not currently utilized:

This format is also now rolled out to the main “Planner” option on the Time & Expense menu and shows the details for all candidate in one place.

New Features

NewMay 19, 2019

  • New “clear” button in Quick Search (only shows when text entered)
  • Add to Hot List from the Shortlist Action menu
  • Custom Fields available in dashboard lists
  • Report Filters now summarized in the Report Header (main preview and undock)
  • iCal for MacOS Outlook
  • Shortlist counter when filtering
  • 250 card limit of Shortlist before switching to List view (250 is the point where noticeable delay occurs) – but button remains with message now
  • When adding associations (linked records) the icons now appear to indicate what record type it is (when they have the same name)
  • [+] buttons on all lists within records to allow 1-click creation of records other than the magic wand
  • New Resource History date selector to make it easier to enter a date, month, year, “Present” or “Unknown” when updating CV History










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